Rochobby 1/10 Atlas Mud master scaler ARTR car kit (RS version) – Blue


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Rochobby 1/10 Atlas Mud master scaler ARTR car kit (RS version) – Blue

Ref: ROC11036RS-BU

During World War II, almost all automakers supplied trucks for the military. Military trucks needed to drive on rough, non-paved roads, and had higher requirements for off-road capability, reliability, and durability than civilian vehicles. Based on the manufacturing experience during the war, the post-war trucks paid great attention to four-wheel drive technology and carrying capacity. In addition to the most basic transportation purposes, they could be transformed into fire trucks, cranes, ambulances, rescue vehicles, etc. Though the smoke of war has gone, the truck’s powerful off-road performance has not retreated. Off-road enthusiasts drive all kinds of trucks to fight against swamps, rainforests, hills, deserts and more.

The car body is moulded with PC plastic, which is light in weight and has a low center of gravity; the nylon roll cage at the back can protect the car shell during rollovers. The rigid metal frame and four-link suspension system ensure strong climbing ability. The chassis has proven reliability. In both dynamic and static aspects, the real vehicle has been painstakingly restored.

  • Painted body & original stickers

  • Quick opening of the body to slide in the battery


  • Nylon roll Cage

  • 35T 550 Motor : The 35T 550 high torque motor is powerful enough to drive the truck anywhere.

  • 4 Link suspension

  • 120mm AT tire

  • 2.4GHz radio system

  • 2 in 1 receiver /40A esc

  • 15Kg MG steering servo

Style your own 1/10 Atlas 4×4 with our personalized sticker options.

Key features

  • Ready set
  • Ball bearing full set
  • Metal gear full set
  • Nylon roll cage
  • Metal frame
  • Four link suspension
  • Rapid separation car body
  • Painted body & original stickers
  • 120mm at tire
  • 35t 550 motor
  • 2.4GHz radio system
  • 2 in 1 receiver /40A esc
  • 15 Kg MG steering servo



Lenght : 537mm
Width : 241mm
Height : 247mm
Wheelbase : 340mm
Tire diameter  F/R : Φ 120mm
Approach angle : 63°
Departure angle : 53°
Ground clearance : 79mm
Motor : 35T 550 Brushed motor
Remote control : 2.4GHz transmitter & receiver set
Distance max for remote control : 80m
Driving Speed: 15 Km/h Max

What you need to complete

  • AAA Batteries for radio
  • Battery recommended 2S LiPo 5000 mAh XT60 plug ( Max. 3S 5000 mAh XT60)
  • Charger
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