SkyRc NC2500 Charger for AA/AAA batteries



SkyRc NC2500 Charger for AA/AAA batteries



SkyRc NC2500 Charger for AA/AAA batteries

Ref: SKY100059

The charger has four compartments for AA batteries and four compartments for AAA batteries and it is able to charge both AA and AAA batteries simultaneously. Due to the different capacity, you could set the charge rate accordingly or set all at once. With charging,discharging, refresh & analyze, break-in and cycle functions as well as individual LCD displays for charging status; this charging unit is reliable, user-friendly and ideal for use in the home, office or on a trip.

Larger LCD display

Larger LCD display with backlit for easy reading. Digitally display various modes during operation. Also the charging current (in mA),  accumulated charging capacity (in mAh),  the voltage (in Volt) and time elapsed (in hh:mm)

Seven buttons

Seven buttons for easy programming and operation.  Four Slot Number Buttons (SNB) to display individual
slot operation data during the various operation modes,  and other three buttons for programming and operation.

Tilt Stand

It supports the charger stand at different tilt angles and enables the users get best operational experience.

5 oparation modes

CHARGE : Charge the battery at the selected rate. Suitable for batteries used frequently.

DISCHARGE : Discharges the batteries at the selected rate.

REFRESH/ANALYSE : Suitable for batteries stored for more than two weeks but less than 3 months or the batteries showing poor performance. This mode can also determine the battery capacity for battery matching.

BREAK-IN : Battery forming is a charge-discharge-charge cycle which forces a full charge into the new batteries and those stored for more than 3 months at a very low rate to activate the batteries.

CYCLE : Performs charge-discharge cycle for up to 12 times. Cycle mode an remove memory effect of rechargeable batteries


Damaged battery detection: To ensure safety, the charger performs an “impedance check” at the beginning of the program. If the battery fails this test, “FAIL” would be displayed and program will be terminated.Built-In PTC thermistor to avoid over heat and independent negative delta V eliminates over and undercharging.

Innovative Bluetooth Talk

Finally, your charger gets its own APP. You could control this smart charger by your smart phone via Bluetooth. More touch, easy control. Operating this charger on your smart phone with your fingers, you will have best using experience and inter-activity. What’s more, you could get more functions (optional Delta Peak Value and Discharger Termination Voltage) and information (battery temp, internal resistance and voltage graphic) in Smart Phone Control Mode.


Standard Alone Mode Smart Phone Control Mode
Charging current 0.2-2.5 A 0.2-2.5 A
Delta Peak 5 mV 3-15 mV
Discharging current 0.1-1.0 A 0.1-1.0 A
Discharging termination Voltage 0.9 V 0.5-1.0 V
Battery capacity range 500 mAh-3500 mAh
N° of Cycle 1-12 1-12
Top of charging current 100 mA 100 mA
Maintenance charging current (Trickle) 30 mA 30 mA
Temperature protection 55°C 55-70°C
Input Power 12V / 2.5 A
USB Power 5V / 1A
Weight 370 g
Dimensions (L x W x H) 154 x 104 x 50 mm